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2017 01: Annexation for DeMatteo Property
2017 02: Annexation of 156.0+ acres from Scioto Township
2017 03: Contract with Watcon Consulting
2017 04: Accepting the final plat of Chestnut Commons phase II
2017 05: Increasing the water & sewer Tap fees for the VOCP
2017 06: Amend Section 1256.01 (b) of the codified ordinances of the VOCP
2017 07: Approving annexation of 163.708 acres fr Scioto Twp to the VOCP
2017 08: the annexation of 475.027 acres from Scioto Twp to VOCP
2017 09: Approving the annexation of 475.026 acres from Scioto Twp to VOCP
2017 10: Ordinance approving annex of 439.016 acres Ball farm
2017 11: Issuance of $4,000,000 sanitary sewer system revenue bonds, series 2017 by the VOCP
2017 12: Accepting the bid of Kirk Brothers Co for the VOCP degestive improv and auth the Village Admin and or Mayor to enter into contract
2017-13: Ammend section 1044.12 of the Codified Ord of the VOCP
2017 14: Auth the Mayor to execute necessary conveyance doc to aquire approx 0.147 acres fee simple interest from the Board of Ed TV Local School
2017-15: Authorizing the May and/or VA to execute the agreement with the CP Racing Committee
2017-16: Ammend section 1044.12 & to estb water rates
2017-17: Ordinance Setting the Council Meeting Schedule for the VOCP for the year 2018
2017-18: Prohibiting the establishment or operation of a quarry or strip mine withing the VOCP
2017-19: Prohibiting the establishment or operation of a sludge pond or lagoon withing the VOCP