The Planning & Zoning Board is in of additional board members.  Please contact Jim Kuzelka by email at cpzoning@commercialpointohio.gov by the end of January.




  • Online Bill Pay

    ***** It’s Here*****  Online Bill Pay ***** Emailed bills *****

    Did you know you can pay your utilities bill online with?  Under Utilities, Online bill pay.  If you pay with a credit/debit card the billing agent will charge a minimum fee of $3.00 ~~~BUT~~~ if you pay with your checking account information ~~ It’s Free!!~~


  • 2020 Water/Sewer Rate Increase


    Per Ordinance 2017-16: Please note Water/Sewer Rates will increase with the January 2020 usage, billed February 1, 2020.  If you have questions please contact the office at 614-877-9248 X2


  • Bill Payment Stub

    Please Note, when mailing in your monthly utility payment, please include the TOP portion of your invoice.  This portion has your account information needed in the office to properly and promptly apply payment.



  • Nixle

    Stay informed on what is happening in your community and with weather updates:   Sign up at www.nixle.com or text SCIOTO to 888-777 for weather/public safety messages.  If you are a CP Utilities customer, text CPWATER to 888-777 for Commercial Point water/sewer messages

  • Solicitation in the Village

    ****ALL APPROVED Solicitor’s in the VOCP will have a permit issued by the village office with the Mayor’s approval.****

    The Mayor requires anyone interested in soliciting in the village to provide drivers license and federal background checks on all personnel that will be in the village before he approves any application.  He also can restrict them to the times and days they are allowed to solicit.   If a solicitor approaches your residence, they should be able to provide you with a copy of the approved permit.  

Community Spotlight


Please join us in Welcoming Allan D. Goldhardt as the Mayor of the Village of Commercial Point.  Mayor Goldhardt is a lifetime resident of the village, former councilman and former board member of the Planning and Zoning Committee.  




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